Letter from the Principal


Our nation has embarked upon the journey of transforming itself into a Superpower with lofty   dreams, unsurpassed passion and indefatigable endeavours. Exploring new frontiers of growth and excellence on the uncharted paths, we Indians are making our mighty presence registered on the global platforms with vision, enterprise and creative acumen. We ensure that our students are made aware of the hurdles, obstructing our path of progress as well as how to make them design their road maps to reach the dream destinations.  'An enlightened citizenry' is definitely the pressing need of time, as we cannot afford to rest on our laurels as mute spectators. 

It gives me immense pleasure and privilege to host the GD Goenka MUN Conference 2019. The theme being 'Brokering Peace amidst Chaos' –  this event gives an  unprecedented  opportunity to young delegates to inculcate  and  develop  the art of negotiation  and  leadership  skills  while  being  dignified  and  diplomatic  in approach. GDMUN '19 is a 3 day Model United Nations Conference simulating working of some of the major international organizations focused towards a defined motive.  We are proud to offer the top-notch debate quality, staff, and keynote speakers that would become synonymous with Goenkan excellence.

I am happy to know that over 300 delegates will be involved in these sessions from over 50 schools from J&K and other adjoining states.  G.D. Goenka Public School, Jammu holds the honour of achieving the 'Best Delegation' awards at events, like, the Heritage School Jammu MUN, KCMUN, J&K Youth Parliament, J&K Diplomacy Su16mmit and Phoenix MUN at Birla Open Minds International School, Jammu. 

The young generation has a plethora of ideas and the audacity to put across the opinions and that is all pooled in to organize this extravagant show. Converging a large group of brilliant individuals with completely varied backgrounds would be an enriching experience for the delegates as well as the faculty, as everyone brings subjective and contextualized perspectives to the table. The Conference also commits to provide a balanced platform for all, from beginners to experienced delegates, as we strive to encourage equal and complete participation for everyone. 

This brilliant rendezvous of future leaders will indeed prove to be an enlightening experience for all the participants. I look forward earnestly to witnessing this transformational journey of MUNers within the short span of three days. The urgent need of the hour is to focus on developing core competencies, using the ideas, power and abilities of the youth for the development of the nation. As Goenkans, our constant endeavour is for achieving a better future and a brighter tomorrow. 


Rajesh Rathore


G. D. Goenka Public School


 Created by Arman Luthra


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